Realty AZ Central is Looking for Guest Bloggers

Are you a local blogger (Phoenix metro area) who wants more exposure? If so, Realty AZ Central may have an opportunity for you to be featured on their top ranking Phoenix Real Estate blog. You don’t have to be a real estate blogger, in fact we are looking for people who want to share what’s going on in their communities because there’s just so much good stuff going on around the valley that we don’t want to miss it all.

Read our latest press release below and reach out to us if you want to be considered. Also, if you know any local bloggers, please forward this to them.

~ Ricahrd & Scott


Phoenix, Arizona (October 24, 2013) – Phoenix based Realty AZ Central has launched a new online community portal and is enlisting the help of local bloggers who want to gain more publicity as contributors to the new site.

The company is seeking people who are active in the community and are willing to blog about local news, events, and community updates. Co-Founder Richard Simon says, “It’s an ideal opportunity for the stay-at-home mom who works from home and wants to get that additional exposure as a writer within her community.”

Who should apply?

  • Community bloggers
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Aspiring bloggers
  • Small business owners

The only requirements are to submit a writing sample and be willing to make a commitment to write a (fresh) article at least once per month for a six month period. Interested parties are asked to submit writing samples to Links to published works are preferred with submissions and the company requests that no phone inquiries are made for submissions of follow up due to the volume of responses that these types of offers typically elicit. Selected parties will be contacted by a company representative.

About Realty AZ Central
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