What to Look for in a Top Real Estate Agency (Part II)

Continuing from Part I of our series where we examine eight qualities of a top realtor or real estate agency, here are four additional characteristics to consider:

Agent/Agency is Full Service: The home buying and selling process is quite complicated; there a number of moving parts that need to be coordinated for a purchase or sale to be executed smoothly. For example, a homebuyer needs to first become pre-qualified to know how much home they can afford.

Once that is known, they need to know which neighborhoods fit their budget and criteria so they can use their home shopping time more effectively. Before closing, the loan will need to be fully approved, coordination must be done with the title company, and the realtor must be present at the closing to guide their client through everything.

The more of this process you can have under one roof, the better. Simply put: a full service agency makes things go more smoothly for everyone involved.

Agent/Agency is Effective at Marketing: For home sellers, effective marketing is essential in making sure the house receives optimal exposure. A top agent will be well-respected by other agents and agencies in the area. This gives them the ability to leverage their network of contacts to help their clients receive more prospective buyers. In addition, a top realtor should be up-to-date on all the latest and most effective trends for selling a home in today’s real estate market.

Agent is a Strong Negotiator: No matter which end of the table you are sitting at, strong negotiating skills are critical. When it comes time to write an offer or examine the offers coming in, you need an agent that is experienced with this process and will make sure you leave the deal in the best financial position possible.

Agency is willing to Guarantee Results: No agent or agency can guarantee a certain result regarding your home sale. What they can do is guarantee that you will be working with a licensed full time agent with a strong track record of positive results. An agency worth working with is one that is willing to provide the assurance that each agent they recommend has been fully vetted; and if anything goes wrong, they are willing to provide reasonable compensation to their clients.

It is important to do your due-diligence before choosing a real estate agent. This is your money and future so spend time researching and interviewing agents/agencies to make sure you are comfortable with your realtor choice. The more time you spend up front researching the right candidate to help you buy or sell your home, the better you will feel with each step of the home buying or selling process because you can trust you are working with a qualified real estate agent.