What to Look for in a Top Real Estate Agency (Part I)

When thinking about buying or selling a home, there are numerous real estate agents to choose from. In most major metro areas, a simple Google search will pull up hundreds (if not thousands) of results. With all these choices, knowing which realtor or agency to work with requires first knowing what to look for. Here are eight essential qualities of a top realtor or real estate agency:

Licensed Full-Time Agents Only: Home sellers and buyers often decide to go with a friend or someone they know to list their home. It is great to work with someone you know because the comfort and trust level will be much deeper. However, there is one exception to this rule; make sure that whomever you choose to represent you, he/she is licensed and is a full-time agent.

There are those that decide to get into real estate as a sideline to do on weekends while working another job during the week. The challenge with part-time realtors is they tend to not be as in-tune with the local markets. This may have an effect on pricing your home appropriately, negotiating with other realtors that are working the market full time, and several other areas. The bottom line is if you are serious about buying or selling a home, the agent you choose should be just as serious about it as you are.

Dedication and Responsiveness to the Client: Along the same lines as the previous point, it is important to choose an agent that is easy to reach and responds quickly to your concerns. Realtors spend a lot of time doing open houses, showings, and closings so there will be times when they cannot be reached. However, a responsive agent will make sure to be back in touch with you and able to address your question or concern within 24 hours if possible.

Agent/Agency has Vast Experience and Expertise: While it is true that every agent was once just starting out, it is important that the realtor you choose has some level of experience or at the very least is part of an experienced team. Buying a home is the largest investment you can make so you do not want to leave it up to someone without a good amount of market knowledge and experience.

Agent/Agency is Tech Savvy: Technology is a very large part of the real estate market today. A good agent or agency will have a strong Internet presence and the ability to utilize technology to widen the scope of their marketing efforts.

In Part II of this series, we will discuss four more important characteristics to looks for when choosing a realtor and/or real estate agency.