Goodyear AZ for a Greener World

Goodyear has teamed up with Hickman’s Family Farms to create a new green waste program that turns tree and shrub trimmings into fertilizer. After City landscaping is trimmed, Goodyear crews dump this biodegradable waste into one of three special containers placed around the City. The trimmings are then picked up by Hickman’s and chipped and composted into fertilizer for the farm. The program helps save the City thousands of dollars in disposal fees it would otherwise have to pay.

Perhaps most importantly, the green waste program helps keep biodegradable waste out of our landfills, where it would turn into methane-laden biogas, a type of greenhouse gas believed to contribute to global warming. Special thanks go out to Billy Hickman and Parks Worker Eric Gomez who were instrumental in getting the green waste program started

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(Guest post by Realty AZ Central’s Goodyear Real Estate specialist Robert Luce)